Trutharch - 154 Early Spring by Maisoul

Map Description:

Now in traditional ASCII... as, on reflection, it does look better after all.
At least when I remember to reset all the options relating to it, and not just set graphics to 'NO'.

The main keep is taking shape, and is almost entirely roofed over. I need to decide whether I'm going to put all dwellings in there, or just 'noble' dwellings, and build the commoners' bedrooms elsewhere, later.
I know I'm definitely going to have to expand out from just the keep and build a 'village', just to have somewhere to put the workshops.

Point of Interest: Glass Forges

Here's where the magic takes place!
Or, at least, the fusing of sand into molten glass, and the forming of said molten glass into blocks and doors.

The glassmakers are getting insanely fast at chewing through my work orders for sand collection and glassmaking. None of them have hit legendary status yet, but they're getting pretty close, with one at Great, and two others at Talented.
I still don't usually have enough blocks to build much at any one time, though. - Maisoul

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Submitted by: Bitzeralisis - 2008-12-04 to 152 Early Summer

A glass castle? I'm building something like it; the difference is that I'm building a glass tower, and that the tower won't do anything but look fancy.

Personally, I think that some tilesets (especially the shaded ones) are too fancy and distracting. I prefer modest tilesets like the default one. I don't like character sets for the same reason.

Submitted by: Maisoul - 2008-12-04 to 152 Early Summer

Generally, a castle is a tower with a couple of walls around it anyway.
I think the main difference is that I'm looking to expand horizontally, if I must, rather than too far vertically. I picked this level because there was a fair amount of room to the north for further structures - I'd have gone for the next Z-level down for laziness if I just wanted to go up.

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