Nicatoltar, "Chaingilt" - 321 Mid Spring by andrea

Map Description:

a dwarf dig in the mountain, a good dwarf carve it to make a fortress, but only the most tsubborn will BUILD a mountain to live in. that is what i thought when i started this fortress, probably my first mature fortress.
here i try to make the dwarves live as long as possible (no complex death traps, sorry), while they build their mountain: 50x20, limestone block outer walls , wooden floors (a bit less than 1000 logs per z level), wooden block inner walls, wooden furniture. a lot of wood, isn't it? next time i'll bash my head on the wall before deciding that i want to make wooden floors. after 10 years, less than half the work is done. but i thought i would still upload here, and post updates later.
only underground things are stockpiles and tombs. the hole filled with water at the bottom is a problem that i had with an aquifer, while digging for limestone. but not all bad things hurt, it seem (see points of interest).
main challenge here is probably the wood. sieges aren't really hard. i am awfully bad at using traps, but champion swordsmen works just fine.

Point of Interest: tombs

here the dead rest. above the ground we may live, but as dwarves in the earth we will sleep our eternal rest.
half of the coffins are because of the death of a guard. that started tantrums. a lot of tantrums.
on the south there the tomb of dungeon master(left) and countess (right). count consort went mad because his rooms weren't ready. countess was more sane luckly.
on the north, there are the king/queen tomb (right) and the tomb of amost, a dwarf that saved my fortress in an early ambush (as unskilled marksdwarf she wrestled and bashed several goblins do death, and her baby got only 2 mangled limbs. she is still alive, but before i lost a saved game, she died to a dragon.

i was quite lucky to find the gold in the king tomb. - andrea

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-12-02 to 321 Mid Spring

Wooden floors... mountain under construction... sounds suspicious.

Submitted by: andrea - 2008-12-02 to 321 Mid Spring

a thing i forgot to write in points of interest: the tree in the barraks. when i built it, the tree was at the center (it changed when i turned it to stone) so i decided to keep it. it is a birch, and i owuld never cut it. i would use my backup save if it happened.

edit: i wait an hour for comments, and you post just few seconds before me?!?!
(but thanks).
in which way it look suspicious? wooden floors are more comfortable than stone.

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Submitted by: Dorten - 2008-12-02 to 321 Mid Spring

wooden floors are more comfortable than stone?

Human spy, maybe? Not an elf though, that's for certain.

Submitted by: andrea - 2008-12-03 to 321 Mid Spring

ok, another reason: limestone don't grow on trees, wood does.
also, wood is soft.

and when did i say that i am a dwarf, and if i am, when did i say that i am sane? but really, i don't know if there is enough limestone on the map.

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