Crystalshrine - 203 Late Summer by Bitzeralisis

Map Description:

Crystalshrine, the Legendary Castle of Gems, is in its third year. We have lots of metal, but no fuel. The goal: to create a tower of glass, then slowly turn our outdoors fortress into glass, and soon, create floors of glass indoors with furniture of glass, doors of glass, and everything of glass. Then we will slowly devour the green glass and replace it with clear glass, and crystal glass where we can afford it. The ultimate goal is to have everything made of gem-encrusted crystal glass, but that's a long tem goal.

Point of Interest: Outdoors Crops

Channeling was done to transmit sunlight underground to grow sun/prickle berries. A miner was lost due to an unfortunate cave-in while mining. - Bitzeralisis

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Submitted by: Dorten - 2008-12-02 to 204 Late Autumn

Unusual fort layout. Gives me creeps somehow.

Submitted by: Bitzeralisis - 2008-12-02 to 204 Late Autumn

Unusual underground or above ground? The underground layout is my design; it revolves around the z-axis rather than other directions. I did have to space out my workshops and housing a bit though.

I also just realized that my tombs are not following the layout properly. >.>

Submitted by: e - 2008-12-04 to 204 Late Autumn

one tile of ramp by the barracks is what's choking it down to 2 tiles => no wagon access

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