Perplexedcrafts - 206 Late Spring by sneb84

Map Description:

My first fortress where things are actually working fairly well.

Point of Interest: Nobels quarters

this is where i keep all those feisty nobels. i only really have a Mayor, DM, and a Captain of the guard right now but i a prepared for more when the arrive. my last fortress i struck adamantite way early and the queen showed up and instantly went insane because i had no quarters suitable for her. not this time. oh also the offices are on the right. i know most people dont like engraving but i have 3 legendary engravers somehow so i thought it would be a waste to not use their talents, especially for the nobels. - sneb84

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-10-28 to 206 Late Spring

You know, you can "hide" engravings through the [d]esignations menu mate. replaces them with a wall-like symbol. much easier to see... everything.

Submitted by: Drone - 2008-10-28 to 206 Late Spring

I find all that flooding rather... worrying...

Submitted by: sneb84 - 2008-10-28 to 206 Late Spring

thanks for the advice sneakypete i will be sure to do that. and with the flooding at first it bothered me but since it never stops raining nothing ever evaporates. sooo if something gets wet is stays wet.. forever. so alot of the water you see shouldnt be there. the mountain to the south where the water tower is is covered in water that leaked out of the tower so it looks prety bad but its actually pretty safe. no flooding accidents yet!

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