Ashencrafted - 1055 Mid Summer by Lightning4

Map Description:

My fortress is slowly being taken over by the evil hordes of dogs and horses... but I fight back by slowly selling them off to unsuspecting traders!
Also starting to get used to coloration of front gate floor. It seems to be pretty much permenant as those crossbow traps seem to kill vermin... that or the hordes of dogs I have, then compounded by dwarves tracking it everywhere!
Recently faced off against the first small goblin party, didn't even notice they were there until they all died... expecting my first seige soon...

Population : 120. I pray I don't get too many more migrants, the fortress is already chaotic as is. :P

Point of Interest: The Underground Forest

Pretty simple, an underground tree farm. Shouldn't all forts have one? :P
Basically a source of wood should I either turtle up or completely exhaust all outside trees, plus extra farm space should I need it. Good shrub farming too. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2007-08-12 to 1062 Mid Spring

Is temperature on? Not that it wil make a difference: there is a bug where cloth stuff will burn for years.

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-08-13 to 1062 Mid Spring

Eh, nah. Been reading the forums and the stories of burnination and spontaneous combustion kind of scare me a bit. :P

But yeah, thanks for the tip, that definitely would've put doused my plans.
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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-20 to 1065 Early Autumn

Secret project: Is it a magma fueled heltaskelta with wooden boats?

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-08-21 to 1065 Early Autumn

Unfortunately, no. But that would be a fun ride for the nobles!
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