Scorchlancers, an Elven Town - 215 Early Spring by miko

Map Description:

A town where invaders are eaten. Not really. I just "modded" the dwarves to be elves (or vice versa) for... no reason. So they (the elves) were able to dig and stuff. Features mostly uniform buildings and an underground storage. With aqueduct, temple and noble domiciles. The usual, only above ground.

Point of Interest: The flying elf statue

It is, in a word, flying. Interesting bug though. It was constructed on the great water tank (you can still see the foundation) used (in theory) to fill z-1 with water. It was really huge, as was the impact on fps. The reason for putting it there was a goblin siege/ambush thing. Some bow gobs shot some of the masons during the construction of the tank walls. Didn't see that coming. So it was a memorial for the many elves (4) that died that day. Now, maybe through the spirits of the dead, it levitates there. Never forget, etc. - miko

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-10-16 to 215 Early Spring

That's a monstrous great hole you've got there. ^^

Submitted by: lambskin - 2008-10-16 to 215 Early Spring

What's your average FPS with that fort/town?

Submitted by: miko - 2008-10-17 to 215 Early Spring

With not to much workload around 125, with all them (100+) running and hauling, maybe down to 50. Since I poked the HFS recently, for the moment its even less. It was interesting to see fps dropping below 1 with that water project.

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