Lunggates - 147 Early Spring by Yegg

Map Description:

The dwarves have been quite productive this season. Having an additional 8 dwarves has been invaluable.

The stonecrafter has been busy making knick-knacks for the decoration-obsessed caravans. We have a nice stockpile of wood, and the nearby forests are busy regrowing.

The dwarves are happy, because the "animal caretaker" has been assigned to brew drinks for them. It looked bad for a while. The pools dried up because we've had no rain, and the brook froze in the winter. Not a good time to run out of booze, but we pulled through.

Our goals now are: to bring the carpenter inside the fortress, to build a stone tower over the entrance, to build a drainage system in anticipation of our well and deathtrap.

Point of Interest: Enlarged entrance/deathtrap

This is going to be the full size of the deathtrap room. On the sides, there will be pumps going the full height of the fortress. Each inhabited level will have an opening to the deathtrap, through which water can drain. The pumps, therefore, will be able to drain the entire fortress in case of floods. - Yegg

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-15 to 148 Early Spring

Who was the death trap built for?

Submitted by: Yegg - 2008-10-15 to 148 Early Spring

Once the deathtrap is complete (I still need to knock out the top floor and build the bridges), I will open up the gates up top and use it to take out sieges.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-15 to 148 Late Spring

Add some points of interest please :)

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