Lunggates - 146 Early Winter by Yegg

Map Description:

Dear lord, we're out of booze! None of the stupid dwarves worked on anything salable yet, so we had hardly anything to trade. We gave up our recently acquired macaque leather and our nicer beds and bins to acquire a rope that could be used in a well. Unfortunately, that very same rope was later stolen by some unscrupulous somebody who was never detected. Better prepare for some raiding parties...

In spite of our lact of productivity, or perhaps because of it, we attracted some new migrants. One of them is a stonecrafter, who will be set to work as soon as possible, so we can start getting some good trade items.

Point of Interest: Stockade meeting area

We didn't have a meeting area for the new dwarves yet, so the stockade will have to do. It's awfully crowded in there with all the strays! - Yegg

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-15 to 148 Early Spring

Who was the death trap built for?

Submitted by: Yegg - 2008-10-15 to 148 Early Spring

Once the deathtrap is complete (I still need to knock out the top floor and build the bridges), I will open up the gates up top and use it to take out sieges.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-15 to 148 Late Spring

Add some points of interest please :)

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