Mirrorag - 1058 Late Autumn by Markavian

Map Description:

Mirrorag, the great mountain home of many dwarves! As you enter this grand fortress you are immediately greeted by an ornate entrance hall which seems to hover over a vast pit of lava. The air bristles with heat, making the eyes of weak human's and elve's water as they press on through to the main hall.

Point of Interest: Access Tunnel for Floodgates

The farm to the left has been set back from the river by building an access tunnel that runs straight over the channel used to flood the farm each spring. This was one of the first constructions when the fort was started.

This easy access tunnel means that the farm does not block routes through to other areas of the fort, such as the north area. Large farms and badly positioned floodgates crippled expansion in many of my earlier forts. - Markavian

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