Sigunlokum - 1065 by puke

Map Description:

This is the Mountainhome Sigunlokum "Tourspears" in its final moments. The royal mausoleum is not yet completed, but the King is mandating Adamantite items, so this is as big finished as its going to get.

This fortress was an experiment in path-optimization. It could have been slightly improved by opening up a few more doorways and halls, but there just wasnt room between the mountain features its squatting it. Ultimatly, I'm pretty happy with it, and I think some of the visual touches are nice - especially the road, entrance, bridges, and multi-color workshops and dining rooms.

I'm not totally happy with how the catacombs turned out, but leaving them how they are is better than memroy-hack-editing or save-scumming. I think some of the flaws and non-symetric bits are what give this one its particular charm. its an honest fortress with no abuses. note that theres not even any noble-murder-rooms.

Point of Interest: Why wont you talk to me?!

An elven diplomat chases my King through the halls... - puke

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Submitted by: Sez You, Punk! - 2007-07-18 to 1065

Best. Entrance. Ever.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-18 to 1065

Puts my magma entry hall to shame ^_^

Submitted by: BridgeBurner - 2007-07-18 to 1065

Wow. I mean Yes, this entry-way is truly of the finest craftsmanship. I only wonder how many 3 liter bottles of Mountain Dew had to die to bring us this truly glorious sight.

Submitted by: Hadrian - 2007-07-28 to 1065


Enough Said.. just.. wow

Submitted by: SoulSkorpion - 2009-11-11 to 1065

Very cool.

Also, very stylish tile set. Where can I get it?

Submitted by: puke - 2010-04-04 to 1065

To SoulSkorpion, this is the Herbdog 16x16 set. I like its chisled stone look, and that it manages to look classy while still preserving the ASCII.

Guybrush has an updated version of the Herbdog 16x16 that I think looks a little better. Theyre both available on the wiki.

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