Doorswallow - 307 Late Winter by Maisoul

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So it turns out that any water not covered by proper land freezes. This is somewhat natural - it's open to the elements, so even if it doesn't get much below freezing you're going to see icecubes, at the very least.
However, water with land directly above refuses to freeze. That's just odd.
Oh, and freezing water somehow entirely dismantles wells, rather than just rendering them inoperative whilst frozen.

So the well is getting a little building around it, to see if that stops jack frost from tearing it to pieces next year. As the fortress is currently having a little trouble producing alcohol, having all water sources freeze up was a bit disconcerting as, this year, I thought I'd gotten around that with the well and pool. Happily the freeze never lasts more than a month or two.

Point of Interest: On the first day of Obsidian my fortress gave to meeeee...

Forty-one dwarves drinking! And there are another eleven on the other squares nearby.

Just a bit silly, but it shows I need to get some water available for drinking in winter. - Maisoul

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Submitted by: Obsidian - 2008-07-18 to 306 Late Winter

...Nazi bedrooms?


Submitted by: Maisoul - 2008-07-18 to 306 Late Winter

Uhh... no.
Not intentionally, anyway. I only noticed it was formed in that pattern after it was dug out. It's not actually oriented in the same direction as that symbol, making it something sorta-different... but that was just luck, really.

The Nazi movement stole their symbol from Sanskrit. Also, did you know there's a place in Ontario named 'Swastika'? Hei- uh... yay, Wikipedia.

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