Undercity the Granite Citadel - 1052 by Mechanoid

Map Description:

With the new release so soon to be finished, and the improvements it will give to placing constructions, i have decided to stop working on this fortress and upload it. It's nowhere near the level of completion i would've wanted, but hey, placing those damn floor tiles one-by-one takes a while, even with the blocks on-tile.

Point of Interest: Workshops A

What's there to say? Workshops, smelters, and forges. The only thing important would be that the 10 forges are all using on-site made steel anvils, and that the original iron anvil was sold off to the traders, for plump helmets, fishes, cheese, and wood.
I had also brought a large number of ores i did not expect to find on-site with me, from the startup menu, to stop a dwarf from getting his neck broken when a insane demand could not be met (there is no copper, gold, or nickel on this map, among others which are absent) so i used the bismuth bars on the various workshops. - Mechanoid

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