Tradedaubed - 1065 Early Autumn by Orkel

Map Description:

This is my current aboveground fortress, Tradedaubed. It is a large city which at the moment is the home for 228 dwarves. Sieges are usually unfortunately small ( :( ) and the champions usually take care of them. The happy little dwarves mostly hang around in the Colosseum to watch their beloved champions behead some captured megabeasts (which seem to come often, every 1-2 years or so) or in the statue garden situated near the castle.

Point of Interest: Colosseum spectator's deck.

This is where the dwarves gather to hang around. They can observe the battles below through the clear glass floor in the middle. Two levers to release beasts and to lower the bars. - Orkel

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Submitted by: Orkel - 2008-07-06 to 1065 Early Autumn

Also, a road is under construction for the trader's wagons.

Submitted by: tehzipfile - 2008-07-06 to 1065 Early Autumn

Awesome fortress.

Submitted by: Edthefirst - 2008-07-06 to 1065 Early Autumn

Awesome. This thing is godly compared to mine.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-07-09 to 1065 Early Autumn

I really like the caverns down below, they look like proper mining shafts through the mountain.

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