Salveday - 1054 by Wang Commander

Map Description:

Mining has been initiated in full. Have legendary armorsmith (copper buckler artifact) and weaponsmith (iron battle axe artifact) and enough steel to build a magma smelter. First task will be to make more steel for a forge, as I used my second bar on an exceptional battle axe.

Point of Interest: Strip Mine

This will never be a pretty fort. - Wang Commander

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Submitted by: Wang Commander - 2007-07-16 to 1054

I feel like I'm in the shadow of Copperblazes, considering it's a glacier map, so I'm going with a low pop limit and a small, rough fort with a frontal focus. Intend to put legendary weaponsmith to work on endless spears, will probably trap entrances heavily or do a moat. The bridge back past the river is a drawbridge, so that's safe.

Submitted by: ScatmanJohn - 2007-07-16 to 1053

That's a pretty nifty design. Good work.

Submitted by: BridgeBurner - 2007-07-16 to 1053

I like it, too. Though my wrist aches just looking at it.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-16 to 1054

Yay for castles, looks really cool. Can't wait to start building maps like this in proper 3D. Also very cool with the glacier.

Submitted by: BridgeBurner - 2007-07-16 to 1054

This would take a ton of work, but have you thought about protecting the castle itself with some blocking channels, then making a channel (maybe multiple) for lava flow into the frontal glacier areas. Also, maybe you can hook each of those bridges up to a switch so they all flipped up.

Submitted by: Wang Commander - 2007-07-16 to 1055

Added a moat with drawbridge. Not sure on channelling magma to the front yet, with the trade depot like it is, and the fact that I might wind up with a lake, but I'm contemplating nuking the chasm. Made a lever to flip up the bridge that leads behind the river. Will probably do the same with the chasm.

A little barracks, dining room, and plump helmet stash back there by the magma, along with a well, seem to keep the vast amounts of hauling somewhat in check.

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