Warmthmirrors - 1063 Late Summer by Wirrit

Map Description:

I'm building a huge fountain.

Point of Interest: The Grand Fountain

Doesn't work yet. It -will- work, soon. And then, I'll fill the basin full of water. - Wirrit

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-05-19 to 1061 Late Winter

Nice fortress.

It has a grand dining hall worthy of your dwarves.
I like the way your place your stockpiles, with narrow walking spaces between them.
I notice that your dumping area has stairs that go all the way up. Arn't you worried about intruders from there?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-05-21 to 1062 Early Winter

Err wow, you have been busy... and its so neat and tidy. The noble quarters look fantastic.

Submitted by: ricemastah - 2008-05-22 to 1062 Early Winter

This is a wonderful fortress! I like what you have done with the overall layout. Did you have something like this planned before you started? Or was it more of a build and go kinda thing, because it does seem very organized.

Submitted by: Wirrit - 2008-05-23 to 1063 Late Summer

Thank you much, all three of you :) I hadn't actually expected comments... But, shall try to answer as much of that as I can.

1) I did plan at least the central part of the fortress in advance -- blame the housing tower and the dining hall on this. The business district is less planned -- I overestimated how many workshops I'd need, so they all ended up in a lump on one side of the housing. I also somehow dropped El Grande Trash Chute in the center of them...although I was lucky enough that it lined up tidily with the rest of the structures.

At this point, though, we're firmly into "build and go" territory. Future additions will probably be to the south, and the east.

Submitted by: Wirrit - 2008-05-23 to 1063 Late Summer

2) Yes, the dumping area's stairs do go all the way up, and I am somewhat worried about intruders there. Or, at least, I would be -- if I hadn't turned invasions off and set guards to fanatically patrol the roads and entrances.

I'm still learning how to play Dwarf Fortress, so its settings are significantly easier (and better for building Massive Trade Capitols) than the default. However, once I'm done setting everything up, I do intend to build up my defenses, turn invasions on, and see what happens.

The fort-ish structures on the surface are stage 1 of "build up defenses". All the openings into the fort have floodgates attatched to levers over them. They're set to open, for ease of trade and transport.

Submitted by: Clamity - 2008-05-26 to 1064 Mid Summer

What were the different settings you were using to make this fortress?

Submitted by: Wirrit - 2008-05-26 to 1064 Mid Summer

Population cap is 300 (and I'm at around 230 dwarves, now). I may up it to 500, in another immigrant wave or so. Children are capped at 20 / 25%. Typical gameplay is around 9-20 FPS, however -- I may need to mess with the settings for speed reasons, if I do this.

Invasions and the Economy are off. Soon, I'm going to turn on both the Economy, and zero-rent, and see if I can get the economy running. If not, I'll play with it next fort.

When I get bored (soon) I'll turn on invasions. And probably get invaded by the elves.

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