Towerbranded - 1059 Late Spring by A_Fey_Dwarf

Map Description:

My first attempt at a 'No traps' Fortress. It has been going for 2 years now with a population of about 45. Just recently my untrained military was forced to face two ambush groups of crossbow goblins. It was a massacre, over 12 dwarfs died as my outside structure was not yet finished and not prepared for the onslaught. If it weren't for my legendary miner's suicidal rush at the gobbos, causing them to retreat, my fortress would have been ruined. He died of blood loss after taking over 6 arrows to the chest.

Point of Interest: Legendary miners dying place.

Here is where my legendary miner died after chasing down the fleeing goblins. He was internally wounded from a previous fight and bleed out on this spot. - A_Fey_Dwarf

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Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-05-30 to 1061 Mid Spring

Lol thats a shame, it was looking like a pretty cool fort. It's too bad the engravers never engrave what you actually want 'em too, but that sheild and sword look pretty hot any ways (excuse the pun).

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2008-09-18 to 1061 Mid Spring

If everything else fails, Dwarven Atom Crushers™ are the way to go.
Of course, you're screwed if you reach the pit the moment you reach the admantine...

Submitted by: Qmarx - 2008-09-19 to 1061 Mid Spring

Actually, atom crushers BREAK on demons.

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2008-09-19 to 1061 Mid Spring

Wait, WHAT? Dwarven Atom Crushers™ are not the ultimate weapon?
Oh, my god, that's just perfect... And they're immune to traps, too. So, you HAVE to fight! I don't really like military, but traps do just fine for megabeasts and sieges, so I'll never, NEVER choose HFS.
Well, maybe I will one day, but not now, not as a noob.

Submitted by: Krash - 2008-09-27 to 1061 Mid Spring

Awesome way to end a fort! I've got hidden fun stuff on my current one too, maybe my dwarves will end the same way? The toad demons from my last fort were fairly easy to dispatch, but these spirits of fire seem far nastier.

Submitted by: Deon - 2009-11-18 to 1061 Mid Spring

What's with the bedrooms on the lowest level? o_O

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