Roariron - 1056 Early Spring by I3erent, Kagus

Map Description:

Year 1056 of Roariron. Done by Jamini, and stuff. Year six of the fort complete. Anyways, stay tuned for further years of insanity, and maybe more explanations of features in the fort.

Point of Interest: Levers Explained Pt. 5

I hypothesize that this is the lever used for the adamantine floodgate that is used to hold back the lava from the vent. I could be wrong though. - Devath

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Submitted by: Devath - 2008-04-28 to 1055 Early Spring

Okay, I've done approximately fourteen levers, and two were already explained before I decided to undergo this endeavor. As for any more levers... Well, it's up to the rest of the team to explain. I've done my part, and my turn hasn't even come yet! O.O

Submitted by: Jamini - 2008-05-13 to 1056 Early Spring

Yes, that lever opens the magma floodgate.

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