Oldtrumpet - 1059 Late Winter by A_Fey_Dwarf

Map Description:

Operation Smash is complete. All dwarves are locked with-in my wonderful construction, ready to die. All up I created about 3300 green glass blocks hanging from a single support

Point of Interest: The trigger of doom.

The lever that will kill the 56 entrapped dwarves. - A_Fey_Dwarf

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-04-29 to 1057 Early Winter

Looks like you will be strip mining away some of your living areas.

Submitted by: sblass92 - 2008-04-29 to 1057 Early Winter

hahaha, i love your plan. it reminds me of playing simcity, build something magnificent, then destroy it in less than a minute.

Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2008-05-01 - Removed

Submitted by: RPB - 2008-06-01 to 1059 Late Winter


You have a magma vent, and yet you chose to build your suspended glass deathtrap over WATER?

Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2008-06-04 to 1059 Late Winter

Yeah maybe I should have connected up a lever with-in my glass cube that would release magma all through my non-glass fort area. That way it could have falling through a layer of water, and then 15 layers of magma. Sound fun?
To bad I wasn't able to as my save file was corrupted before I had the chance to do anything else. I didn't even get to drop the fort :(

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