Earthengolds the Temple of Gods - 1054 Early Spring by Lightning4

Map Description:

The beginnings of a sectioned temple to the pantheon of gods of this particular dwarven civ. Already have one of the many temples complete.

The eventual goal is to have each temple have their own seperate living quarters and burial districts for their respective faithful, and each temple will possess a different part of the working of the fortress based on their spheres.

The Gods:
Omer - female dwarf - minerals, jewels
Litast - female dwarf - mountains, volcanos
Rovol, male dwarf: fortresses
Istrath, male dwarf: wealth
Zes Crystaldiamonds, female dwarf: metals, fire
Shin, male dwarf: dusk, twilight, the dawn, nightmares, dreams
Nokzam - male dwarf - valor, war, victory, loyalty, oaths
Zuglar Moistships - male perch - lakes, coasts, oceans, rivers
Lągan - female dwarf - charity, generosity, sacrifice
Idos, male dwarf: agriculture, the rain, lightning, storms

Rovols is the one near complete. His temple will bind together four other temples at the south end: the Temple of Omer, the Temple of Listrath, the Temple of Istrath, and the Temple of Zes Crystaldiamonds.

Little of note with the temple itself. Although had an unusual kobold ambush last year. Never seen that before. One squad of mostly spear kobolds, and another of bow kobolds.

Point of Interest: Entrance to the Temple

A tall and formidable wall stands watch over the pristine marble road to the temple entrance. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: ricemastah - 2008-04-27 to 1054 Early Spring

I like what you've done with the carved out entrance way. Three z-level high pillars? Very nice. Also I really like the whole concept behind this. The split in the levels, as well as the access points for thme was interesting.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-27 to 1054 Early Spring

Yes, agreed, the slope down has a very grand feel to it. I can imagine walking out into the chamber seeing the control tower looming ahead.

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