Tickstrumpet - 1087 Early Summer by Dream

Map Description:

6th fort with a interesting enterance to the fort. Has a lot of traps, most interestingly is the lavafall. Though the simple archers do all the killings. If I had water I would make a more grand trap. Maybe next time.

The indoor Trade Depot works wonders and is quite amusing when a thief passes the traps. Instant death of all the merchant guards that suddenly see a enemy.

Layout undergound is not that good but it works. Was just testing out stuff. Having a controll room next to the idle room works very well, takes only a second to activate stuff, like the lava traps.

Point of Interest: Noble room's

Dining room, bedroom and study for each noble. the things I do for them! Should have made a pool of lava above it with a switch to flood the rooms with lava when they are annoying. Next time I will have that! You hear me 'noble' dwarfs? You've been warned! :D - Dream

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