Tickstrumpet - 1087 Early Summer by Dream

Map Description:

6th fort with a interesting enterance to the fort. Has a lot of traps, most interestingly is the lavafall. Though the simple archers do all the killings. If I had water I would make a more grand trap. Maybe next time.

The indoor Trade Depot works wonders and is quite amusing when a thief passes the traps. Instant death of all the merchant guards that suddenly see a enemy.

Layout undergound is not that good but it works. Was just testing out stuff. Having a controll room next to the idle room works very well, takes only a second to activate stuff, like the lava traps.

Point of Interest: Lavafall and traps

This is a 'trap' that showers everyone passing it with lava. There are two pumps that move the lava up and throw it a down to make a nice shower. The lava falls down the grates to the lavapool to recycle the lava. There is a pressure plate to turn on both pumps and two levers to turn them on/off.

It has a average kill ratio since some manage to pass the two lava falls with a bit of luck(that's where the traps come in).

Enemies(and friendlies) are set on fire and don't vaporise on the spot. Down side of this trap is that your own dwarfs happily take a shower under the lava to get some job done or pick up items. - Dream

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