Roariron - 1055 Early Spring by I3erent, Kagus

Map Description:

And so ends another year for Roariron, the madhouse of twisting corridors and unusual designs. The demons of the pit have been vanquished, bedrooms have been provided for the people, and newcomers are no longer sacrificed in a religious cleansing.

I added the barracks, archery range, Demonhammer, and catapult firing range, as well as putting beds into a few rooms and placing that lovely little tomb North of the barracks. I also over-flooded the farms, but that's okay since they won't be needed for another few years or so.

Good luck, newcomer.

Point of Interest: Roariron

This is Roariron. At the very, very bottom of the world. Why, I don't know. I've been working on this fortress for an entire in-game year, and I still don't know the layout.

You can see the new bedrooms to the South. The four golden cages represent what used to be the jail (eek), and the entrance to the Captain of the Guard's chambers, one of the two bedrooms originally in this fort. The other belongs to the mayor Obok and his wife, Kadol. She's the one who's engraved every bleedin' chunk of stone in the place. Their bedroom is off to the East, next to the magma pipe. It is here you can often find Obok pounding away at his precious mechanism.

To the North, we have the barracks, archery range, catapult firing range, catapult stone stockpile (I detest idle peasants) and the general workshops. There is one craftsdwarf workshop, one which I replaced one of the many carpenter's workshops with. The rest of the craftsdwarf workshops are up top, situated right next to the trade depot. I built this one down here so our Captain of the Guard could make the military some bone bolts. - Kagus

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Submitted by: Devath - 2008-04-28 to 1055 Early Spring

Okay, I've done approximately fourteen levers, and two were already explained before I decided to undergo this endeavor. As for any more levers... Well, it's up to the rest of the team to explain. I've done my part, and my turn hasn't even come yet! O.O

Submitted by: Jamini - 2008-05-13 to 1056 Early Spring

Yes, that lever opens the magma floodgate.

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