erithsebir, "Laborhides" - 1096 by FacesOfMu

Map Description:

My latest fortress. I was getting bored of my usual symmetric, rational designs so I've tried to go a little wonky with this one. I got the pop up to 68 (highest ever) but a strange flood this past year brought us down to 10. Happened during the removal of two aquadects south of the main bridge.

Point of Interest: Key defence design

This strange key-shaped entryway was inspired by the stupid dwarves that, once ordered to stay inside, mill around the entrance like ducks at a shooting alley. The top branch is now linked to water like the bottom one will be. Intruders will be funnelled up either side and either flushed out, sieged or shot down. If the three-wide doorways permit it, the trade depot outside will be moved to the east end of the centre hall way. - Faces Of Mu

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