erithsebir, "Laborhides" - 1096 by FacesOfMu

Map Description:

My latest fortress. I was getting bored of my usual symmetric, rational designs so I've tried to go a little wonky with this one. I got the pop up to 68 (highest ever) but a strange flood this past year brought us down to 10. Happened during the removal of two aquadects south of the main bridge.

Point of Interest: Fatal demolition

The bridge in the south east here is my main thoroughfare between my entryway and the sprawl of the fortress. There were three aquaducts south of the bridge, whereas now there is only one. These A's act as my guardrail against seasonal floods (and also seem to prevent ambushes). The larger of the two missing A's was 3x3 east-west, right next to the similar one there. The third was 1x3 east-west, in the last strip of river on the left. For some reason, even though none of the waterways terminate on land, when both of them got removed (not sure which caused the flooding), the fortress got swamped, and 58 peeps all got mermalised. - Faces Of Mu

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