Silverfinders - 1058 Mid Summer by Imeka

Map Description:

Silverfinders has grown much in the last years. I discovered Adamantine (Praise the Miners!) and a small cave river. And there was this patch of bare rocky felsite right beside my Gates just begging to be built over...

Point of Interest: One really big road

From winter 1056 til now my dwarves built on this. - Imeka

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Submitted by: Gudamor - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Damn impressive.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Yeah... wow... cool artwork.

Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Very neat-looking mosaic you have there.

Submitted by: Rodwin - 2008-02-25 to 1053 Late Autumn

Volcano, chasm, inner river... Do you have a seed number? ;)

Submitted by: Imeka - 2008-02-25 to 1053 Late Autumn

The world Mon Angstur, "The Plane of Myth" was created in version 27.173.38a, Seed Number 10041983.

Submitted by: Firemage - 2008-02-26 to 1058 Mid Summer

Rodwin, you have forgotten Adamantine! :D

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