Rithmesir-the_adequate_library - 251 Late Winter by mounf

Map Description:

A comunity/story fort aiming to build a library and fort across all 3 cavern levels. I've not explored the library mechanics before.

The end of year 2 - The mayor is a were-tapir, but otherwise everyone has survived.

Point of Interest: Archive

Year 2 of the archive has now been carved into our archive (Yr. 1 is the north, Yr. 2 the south).

The level below is now ready for year 3 and 4 (There is room for 2 more years in this section - after that the main library archives need to be ready!.

This area is also our tombs, but so far no one has died. - mounf

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Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2020-04-19 to 255 Early Spring

A side view POI might be appropriate. 34z library tower...It's a grand plan, but I imagine all the channeling leads to fps loss without retire-unretire (which would throw about books).

In visualizers, 1z rooms feel cramped, and 2z feel like normal - but then, when *you* make a fortress, you want to aim above normal. Good work!

As a side note, the animal trap could be built, or perhaps placed in minecart on weight-sensitive pressure plate.

That spinning rampway is pretty neat to look at going down.

An issue I have with libraries in vanilla raws though is that each bookcase holds 100 books. Given that each discovery is years-long effort, a mammoth library with all the learned knowledge of the world, containing four hundred books....can fit in four tiles.

Thankfully, one is able to mod their size, or even smaller varieties. Though a single-book "pulpit" bookcase greatly resembles a pedastal.

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