Desert-City of Glades - 1396 Early Spring by Fleeting Frames

Map Description:

Last year's snapshot was with biolinum tileset, this one is with modified Dragonmaster's (in-progress) tileset, with modified twbt multilevel 3 - thanks to the fixing of mapshot command. This might be first map on archive that shows off TWBTset multilevel (3).

However, whether becuse of that or because I went from 14x14 to 16x16, there is an odd line on the right. Dunno why.

Point of Interest: Tearing down and rebuilding caven trap FB bait.

( 1396 Early Spring → 1396 Late Winter )

So, the bridge seal on enter -> redirect into cage traps was surprisingly effective. Caught blind cave ogres, gorlak, killed reacher. Albeit all those are climbers. The chained wild horse doesn't seem to merit combat from most wildlife, so on the upper level there is a chained wren.

What was not so effective was the door trick - they didn't destroy forbidden doors, sure...But for some reason, unlike in Bloodyhells, they destroyed them once I unforbid them.

So I decided to change to walled hatch-based vertical trap instead.

Hopefully any FBs don't come in the meantime. Tbh would expect them to be present by now. Could it be that like with downmost layer, FBs don't appear in caverns until you've at least toggled the announcement?

If so, it kinda dampens the benefit of this unrevealed beastie trap. - Fleeting Frames

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2019-10-10 to 1396 Early Spring

How very interesting! I remember attempting this sort of thing back when I used TWBT, for I found multilevel display to be VERY pleasing to view. . however I ran into some issue I can't remember and quickly gave up.

Your forts are always so precisely created - it's unlike any other style of building I've seen. Well done!

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-10-29 to 1396 Early Spring

Thanks! Though I may have overcomplicated the precision, here. I've been somewhat inspired by forts like Smallabbey or keupo's Slingcontrols or Dancingglove.

(Though to creator's eye, it still looks chaotic in large parts to me - other things like the bedrooms and corpses languishing in the sun as I focus on a particular shade of red.)

mapshot was broken for a while, so the only way to do this previously was to manually screenshot and stitch together. Not easy, that. Also, in default twbt distribution, you need to rename mapshot output files to order them for map compressor like twbt would do it, and then ignore its warning on unique tiles.

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