Graniteramparts - 139 Mid Spring by Werdna

Map Description:

The granite fortress nears completion above, and its roots spread further into the earth below. The hall of the dead fills with the failed might of the dark nations. Some hapless visitors, too - the dwarves' corpse collection order are a tad vague.

Point of Interest: 2. Topside

The center stairwell is surrounded on each side by the training halls of the fort's 7 squads of (ideally) 7. The northernmost squad is a foreign legion of Tigermen (their sister foreign legion of Nakashim walked into an army of goblins and perished).

To the southwest is a kill-zone with one tile bridges that form a maze for marksdwarves above. They can be lowered to make clean-up efforts easier. To the southeast is the above-ground farms that supply endless berries for booze-making. To the northeast are the old marksdwarf training grounds, but they have been abandoned due to irritation with dwarves climbing out of fortifications, and the crossbowmen have all been retrained as melee. The northwest quadrant was a pasture for the animals, but that has been shifted downstairs to the agricultural level.

The embark wagon is visible on the road at the top of the SE quadrant, my unused starter bauxite stones still visible. - Werdna

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