Spiritmarsh - 551 Mid Summer by Salmeuk

Map Description:

Abbot Tiristakgos founded 'Spiritmarsh' in the frosty spring of 550. The intention: Construct a Monastery. Accompanied by Bomrek the Doctor and five others, the break-neck pace of the first year's building was unlike anything they had ever seen. Entire walls sprang up overnight, it seemed. The squalid conditions included a hack-walled dirt dormitory, improperly carved dining surfaces, and a lack of utensils for eating.

Much was accomplished, but at what cost?

Also, who let those monster hunters in? They're drinking all the rum and I can't help but remember a time when they actually killed anything. . .

Sitting at 50 dwarves

Point of Interest: all the flowers are blooming

This map has an insane variety of plant life. I get flowers every season but winter [i think, at least] - Salmeuk

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