Torchroar - 133 Late Autumn by Tharis

Map Description:

Been a long time since I did this. Fort founded in 125, so nearly 10 years old. 208 dorfs, nearly 3 million units of wealth, several goblin sieges, a titan and a forgotten beast, caverns breached and everything put together.

I sometimes like updating my forts regularly from the start so you can see the evolution, but this time I waited until the "basic" fort was complete, including library, temples, and tavern. I think this thing could run indefinitely now. I might retire it, or I might dig on for greater things.

Point of Interest: So many fell to their death here.

I accidentally channeled a little pool at the base of the falls while I was digging through the ice to retrieve corpses and other things. Strangely, some of the water down here never freezes, which makes it hard to get to. There is a *lot* of crap piled up in that little spot. - Tharis

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