Motaval "Strangelove" - 144 Mid Summer by Bumber

Map Description:

My first aesthetically-designed fortress.

Armok Vision and Stonesense screenshots can be found here

Point of Interest: The Big Top

A spiral of repeating upright spikes and fortifications. The site of the battle after opening the "Circus". Many spikes melted in demonfire, despite being of magma proof components (iron/obsidian/orthoclase,) but killed several demons. The rest of the demons were destroyed by marksdwarves before infantry could engage.

A few straggling demons retreated back into hell, actively avoiding my legendary soldiers. My infantry got their chance later when I used my stairwell construction team to bait them into pursuit. No losses. I didn't get any demons with hard materials. Vomit, flame, and snow fliers, with a few fleshy non-fliers (fought later during the exploration of hell.)

Armok Vision
- bumber

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-07-11 to 144 Mid Summer

I like this, especially that magma moat slightly below the surface, the grass looks awesome in contrast.

I see this is your first upload. I hope you share more in the future, you have an interesting style.

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