Motaval "Strangelove" - 144 Mid Summer by Bumber

Map Description:

My first aesthetically-designed fortress.

Armok Vision and Stonesense screenshots can be found here

Point of Interest: Magma Forges

This area rests on top of an obsidianized surface of the magma sea. The magma powering the forges was dumped in afterwards via minecart, and is separated from the magma sea by obsidian floors.

To the right is the magma minecart trough (currently empty) and old obsidianizer. Farther right is the large 10x10 obsidianizer, which provides magma-safe stone for the fort. The minecart rollers are both at lowest setting. Magma-safe carts are dumped onto the first roller and turn west down a ramp (hidden by a gear assembly.) The second roller pulls them out of the trough and onto stockpile-covered tracks. They are hauled where needed with magma-safe wheelbarrows.

To the south is the power station, which provides 2000 power (far more than is necessary to run the magma trough and spike repeater.) It works by exploiting the permanent flow property, which allows it to run without the FPS impact caused by the lake constantly draining and reshuffling. The power transfer is secured by screw pumps, which cannot be destroyed without a tile for a building destroyer to stand on.

Above are the metal goods stockpiles. They normally contain items to be melted. There are currently only magma-safe minecarts, spare steel equipment, and an exceptional adamantine pick (reserved for my adventurer.)

The six bunched levers are, in reading order:
Old obsidianizer magma pump (controls a gear assembly submerged in magma that transfers power from the other pump.) Old obsidianizer water refill (floodgate lets out a measured quantity of water. The quantity is refilled by the light gray lever outside the fort, above the intake channel, which is just terrible.)
Power shutoff (controls the gear assembly next to the power station's down stair.) Old obsidianizer clear (floodgate destroys any remnant fluid in the obsidian trough.)
Magma purge (lowers the bridge that stops the pump from emptying the minecart trough outside to be evaporated.) Minecart trough control (gear assembly in trough powers trough rollers, which power intake pump, which is also necessary to power the old obsidianizer pump.)

The remaining levers outside correspond closely to the power station and large obsidianizer, excepting the aforementioned old obsidianizer water intake (which I should've just deconstructed after I sealed the intake off.)

Armok Vision - Power Connection / Forges & Power Station
Stonesense - Forges & Power Station
- bumber

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-07-11 to 144 Mid Summer

I like this, especially that magma moat slightly below the surface, the grass looks awesome in contrast.

I see this is your first upload. I hope you share more in the future, you have an interesting style.

[Message edited on 2016/07/11 at 09:39 by Salmeuk]

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