Motaval "Strangelove" - 144 Mid Summer by Bumber

Map Description:

My first aesthetically-designed fortress.

Armok Vision and Stonesense screenshots can be found here

Point of Interest: Tavern Wing

Located in the Grand Central Hall

The Bearded Cat:
Established 129 early summer. Boasts having no alcohol-related deaths (probably because the booze stockpile isn't in the tavern.) In the tavern (hidden by a random human bard) is Kosothsakrith Nulom Cerol "Palaceblazes the Blame of Lenses" the tower-cap akig (stationary drum) and Okiralath "The Elder Bolt" the phyllite mug (in a coffer hidden by a legendary pikeman / lady of the hamlet "Squidbowel".) The levers, from left to right, control the depot bridges, surface bridges, and upper cavern bridge. Below the tavern is the booze stockpile and general drinking mugs, including Doleksanad "Cometmornings" the spore tree cup. Further down is prepared food, then inn housing, followed by access to the trade depot and lower areas of the fort.

Monarch's Quarters:
North of the tavern is the room of King Olon 'Joe' Guardwheels. He sleeps on Kobemsudir Ezneth Othsin "Troublecinder the Fragments of Bowing" the green glass bed. All furniture is forged from silver. The room was converted from a prison cell that held a dwarf or two convicted of production order violations.

Liaison's Quarters:
South of the tavern is the room of Nish "Lilly" Okollikot, outpost liaison. The room was converted from the prison cell that held the most notorious (and only) tantrum-prone dwarf of the fort. Once an unremarkable woodcutter, Aban 'Waluigi' Tathtatkol, Menace, began his reign of terror after repeated exposure to sunlight activated his dormant stress genes. Smashing faces by day, sinking into depression by night, he was jailed several times but never reformed nor gave in to melancholy. After 29 counts of assault and the destruction of vital fortress levers, he was eventually sealed in this room and left to die sober. But don't worry. We engraved a slab, so his spirit won't haunt the place. Probably.
- bumber

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-07-11 to 144 Mid Summer

I like this, especially that magma moat slightly below the surface, the grass looks awesome in contrast.

I see this is your first upload. I hope you share more in the future, you have an interesting style.

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