Motaval "Strangelove" - 144 Mid Summer by Bumber

Map Description:

My first aesthetically-designed fortress.

Armok Vision and Stonesense screenshots can be found here

Point of Interest: Library Wing

Located in the Grand Central Hall

The Great Library of Reason:
Kanzudstettad Ritasmafol "Conventtax the Owl-chamber of Flukes" the diorite mechanism is in the lever, which controls the bridge leading to the adamantine spire. An artifact vault is located underneath the library.

Prison Cell:
North of the library is a prison cell. This one's never been used. The used ones were converted into nobles' rooms when the king came (but don't tell them that.)

Baroness's Quarters:
South of the library is a foreign baroness's room. Domas Kokebrigoth, baroness of Pageworlds. She used to be a temple performer before she inherited the position. This will have to do in lieu of a proper baron. She mandated a single glass window, which was put in the room. Ginonngumrash "The Stern Sickness" the ashen bed is here. The room was converted from a prison cell that was never used.
- bumber

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-07-11 to 144 Mid Summer

I like this, especially that magma moat slightly below the surface, the grass looks awesome in contrast.

I see this is your first upload. I hope you share more in the future, you have an interesting style.

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