Motaval "Strangelove" - 144 Mid Summer by Bumber

Map Description:

My first aesthetically-designed fortress.

Armok Vision and Stonesense screenshots can be found here

Point of Interest: Fort Entrance

The main stairwell is located beneath the Glorious Wagon Shrine. The floor hatch and 3x3 shrine are made of wagon wood. 10 wagons were sacrificed in its construction.

Sand gathering, military training, atom-smashing, and above-ground farming occur on this level. Crops are parsnips, potatoes, rope reed, and sometimes hemp. Without DFHack, the entire area would be painted with vomit.

Armok Vision (Sadly no wagon shown.)
Stonesense (Same as surface view.)
- bumber

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-07-11 to 144 Mid Summer

I like this, especially that magma moat slightly below the surface, the grass looks awesome in contrast.

I see this is your first upload. I hope you share more in the future, you have an interesting style.

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