Furyhammer - Thusestnil - 134 Mid Spring by ExJato

Map Description:

This is Furyhammer. It is carved from the mountain by The Roughness of Polishing of the dwarfen civilisation The Relic of Ashes. It is located on a volcano on different biomes including some terrifying landscape. The terrifying part is actually not that terryfying - No undead just some elfblood rain. Apart from some Giant Badgers and the usual Goblin raids it is actually pretty peaceful, after some of the larger wildlife was caged and tamed.

Point of Interest: "Lighthouse"

This steel cage is home of a dragon which I caught about three years after the Roc came. He was not so easy to catch and I had to reload the save to get him. In the first try one stupid dwarf ran close to the trap (8 or 10 tiles) and the dragon grilled him and the trap and 50 more dorfs and half of the landscape until the militia killed him. Long story short: Reload to the save when the dragon came, no change, no unlucky stray dwarf close to the trap and the dragon was caught with just one or two casualties who were outside when the dragon came. Also the wildfire was pretty limited this time. Dragon and Roc now sit in their compound and are fed with Goblins. I speficially installed some cages traps for beast food purposes. Of course it will be seen far and wide when the dragon does its fiery work on the goblins. - ExJato

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Submitted by: grisha5 - 2015-09-21 to 134 Mid Spring

hi, cool fort, i love the dome.

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