Furyhammer - Thusestnil - 134 Mid Spring by ExJato

Map Description:

This is Furyhammer. It is carved from the mountain by The Roughness of Polishing of the dwarfen civilisation The Relic of Ashes. It is located on a volcano on different biomes including some terrifying landscape. The terrifying part is actually not that terryfying - No undead just some elfblood rain. Apart from some Giant Badgers and the usual Goblin raids it is actually pretty peaceful, after some of the larger wildlife was caged and tamed.

Point of Interest: Golden Cage

Despite being not visible here, a war trained Roc lives here appropriate to the species in a golden cage. When it came it killed all elven merchants and their animals except for one guy who lost his mind and climbed on a wall while the Roc and started to kill some wildlife and my dwarves prepared the traps. When we opened the gate he came and was caught. The elf sat on the wall for more than two years. When he finally came down he snuck into the chicken house. I did'nt want to find out what he was up to and send the militia - in the next year new merchants arrived. - ExJato

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Submitted by: grisha5 - 2015-09-21 to 134 Mid Spring

hi, cool fort, i love the dome.

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