Moonchannel - 259 Early Spring by Dwarfbux

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Yet another relatively quiet year for the fortress, but some developments have taken place. A cyclops appeared and was promptly killed by a very large military with nothing better to do. Better news though is the fact that the royal quarters for the king are mostly prepared and conditions are met for his arrival! It is my hope that a war with the local human civilization will begin shortly thereafter!

Also, water takes a really, really long time to fill stuff. Power is flowing nicely but the cisterns aren't anywhere close to being ready to be filled. Not even the conduits to get the water there are remotely close to being full. Oh well, I am a patient crazy person.

Point of Interest: History of violence halls

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This area commemorates megabeasts slain over the course of the fortress's history with slabs engraved of them. It is interesting how these slabs can give you little snippets about the creatures slain and what they have done during the history of the world. - Dwarfbux

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2015-06-03 to 253 Early Spring

Well... Good luck with DF2014! It's only a few months at most for DF2015. I'm interested by the fact that goblins have joined a dwarven civilization. I had dwarves join goblins, or maybe they were raised from kidnapped dwarves or a clan of dwarves.

Enjoy the improvements, I'll be following your maps from the archive, I like your dwarfcentric playing.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2015-06-07 to 254 Early Spring

Yeah the entrance doesn't hold a lot of gloom glitter nor glory atm. It's interesting to read how you talk about resourcing. But hey, you're only on year 2!

Submitted by: Dwarfbux - 2015-06-19 to 255 Early Spring

That was actually at the end of four years. I didn't upload the first few years since I didn't know if I would bust through understanding the military interface this time. Luckily, I did!

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2015-07-16 to 257 Early Spring

Man this is a GREAT fort!

I love the big X hallway in your Legendary Dwarf Quarters level.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2015-07-16 to 257 Early Spring

When I look at the legendary dwarf quarters, a certain long forgotten feeling emerges... like something falling around the lungs or stomach. Jealousy? Awe? Pride?

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