Workpuke - 251 Late Winter by ClsfdKidd

Map Description:

Already a doomed fortress, I uploaded it more to document my follies. My hugely populated (44, heh) fortress lost a full twenty souls to a legendary werejaguar. My walls and traps were not in place soon enough, and they killed it by stomping on it and fighting over socks. Four survivors all lost their left arms. I guess the werebeast just had a strong right swing.

We would have made it through the devastation if three scratched dwarves hadn't had chronic were-symptoms. The rest of the poor souls did not have a chance.

Point of Interest: Hospital of Death

A were-dwarf went on a rampage inside the hospital. He was one of the wounded, but he transformed, rose from his sickbed, and killed the surgeon, nurse, and four others. I ended his life by flooding the chamber with water and waiting about a month. Unfortunately, when I broke the hospital open, the bloody water infected two others. - ClsfdKidd

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