Floorhomes of Simplicity - 553 Late Winter by ajr_

Map Description:

The farm is muddying! Soon I'll get to start the pig tail growing. The textile industry floor has been completed, so has the granary. The lobby is half carved, but dwarves haven't had time to make proper dwellings for themselves yet.

As a side business I did some forging of traps, picks, weapons and copper armor. Only few dwarves have died. I built a house of the dead for them.

Point of Interest: Farm

( 553 Late Winter → 1000 )

This farm should be enough to provide pig tail and plump helmets for the entire fortress for years to come. - ajr_

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2015-06-07 to 557 Early Spring

I like the usage of z-levels you have here, kind of inspires me to try something similar.

also, why do you have so many dead dwarves?

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2015-06-07 to 557 Early Spring

Thank you

The dwarves that lie around in the morgue aren't mine, they were killed by my champion and regarded as fellow dwarves, was it 11 or 12 of them. Under a siege, there was a wandering experienced planter that this undergrond plantation has great value for so I sent all my units out and the champion was first to confront the dark dwarves, ALONE. Took no scratch and hammered the raving shit out of the renegade dwarves. They never buried them, but you're right.

My dwarf heart is heavy on the dwarves lost to my manic visions of grandeur and not being provided the neccessities to make great works. Those dwarves are probably 6-8 dead. The only reason was that I wanted to keep as much steel between the fort and the world... and those traps have only saved one dwarfs life or so this far. One or two construction accidents cost me deaths... some dwarf went berserk and killed another... etc. Probably 20 fortress dwarves dead already! 20 coffins ready in place for accidents etc. or dwarven renegades that never get buried? I found out that I had forbidden their corpses from being buried for SOME reason, maybe because of joining the goblins.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2015-12-29 to 557 Early Spring

Frankly, I just imagine dwarfs like let corpses 'season' a little before getting down to stuffing them inside a casket. Something about "appreciating death and decay" or some such nonsense.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2015-12-29 to 557 Early Spring

wait holy hell that dwarven city is amazing! I want to recreate it, but with more open space around the individual houses. . . hold on BRB

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