Trickedblighted - 42 Early Winter by Konamane

Point of Interest: Rare silk farm

Two forest spiders are blocked by fortifications to produce infinite amount of rare silk. It took me about a year to train 10 legendary weavers. Now the farm is inactive due to large amount of collected rare silk clothing. Ducks served as baits to lure the spiders, so they spam a lot of webs. Ducks died natural death because of age. I'm planning to rebuild the farm at one of the upper levels. - Konamane

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Submitted by: Lielac - 2014-01-21 to 42 Early Winter

Goddamn, that is some amazing work.

Submitted by: david - 2014-02-07 to 42 Early Winter

if there is a war fort this is one of them

Submitted by: Alhadrian - 2014-02-08 to 42 Early Winter

this is really awesome . The above structure is really nice modeled and the tower at the top has an awesome shape , might use that somewhere in my own if you don't mind. Where is the water coming from? aquifer ?

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