Trickedblighted - 42 Early Winter by Konamane

Point of Interest: Farming grounds & levers room

Water is taken from an aquifer. Several floodgates and levers allow to change the direction of flow so I can create fresh mud for farming, if necessary.
Waterfall is also born here (I can turn it on/off at any time). It goes down through entire fortress, and then water flushes away through fortifications at the edges of the map.
There are farms reserved for nearly every underground plants. Missing farms to the right were suppose to be fungi/spore tree farms. I've collected around 2k saplings each (which equals x4 times amount of planks), so when I need more trees, I will build them again.
Interesting fact: overtime, most of seeds simply ... DISSAPEAR, by saing that i mean that I've lost the clue how I ended up loosing all of Plum Helmets, Dimple Cups, Quarry Bush seeds. Now I only have Muck Roots growing to the left.
Levers are used to control water flow and main entrance drawbridges - Konamane

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Submitted by: Lielac - 2014-01-21 to 42 Early Winter

Goddamn, that is some amazing work.

Submitted by: david - 2014-02-07 to 42 Early Winter

if there is a war fort this is one of them

Submitted by: Alhadrian - 2014-02-08 to 42 Early Winter

this is really awesome . The above structure is really nice modeled and the tower at the top has an awesome shape , might use that somewhere in my own if you don't mind. Where is the water coming from? aquifer ?

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