Laborfords - 213 Mid Autumn by Lielac

Map Description:

My second-longest-lived fortress, and my current favorite. Contains such amusements as a Happy Fun Death Pit for invaders/elves/traders, a magma tube in the first cavern, and an actual daycare for my beardlings. Also, grizzly bears.

Point of Interest: Actual Daycare

( 205 Early Spring → onwards )

I mean, I guess I could torture my beardlings in here, but I'd need to lock the doors.
(While the room has been dug out since some time in 204, it only became the Daycare in 208.) - Lielac

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-01-23 to 220 Mid Spring

This is what a dwarven fortress should look like!

Magnificent and mysterious, a masterpiece.

edit: Not so mysterious, but simplified in greatness.

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Submitted by: Jervill - 2014-01-31 to 220 Mid Spring


I especially like the bedroom layer and the death trap.

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