Heartmine - 876 Mid Spring by itg_

Map Description:

Megafort containing, among other things, a colony on the magma sea floor, a werebeast-powered lunar calendar, and the first skyfort built with cave-ins ON.

Point of Interest: Skyfort

( 876 Mid Spring → 901 Mid Spring )

This is the first ever skyfort constructed with cave-ins turned on.

A tile attached to the top level of the map with, say, a support, can hold up the column of tiles directly below it. I discovered it was possible to hold up walkable tiles with usable buildings/furniture by casting obsidian over existing furniture, then digging up/down stairs over the furniture.

Using bees for drink and animals for food and clothing, this fort is fully self-sufficient. The fort contains bedrooms, tombs, a dining room, and nearly every type of workshop, including magma forges.

Dwarves enter the fort by a retracting drawbridge which provides no support at all. - itg_

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Submitted by: mazterlith - 2013-08-23 to 824 Late Summer

How long did it take you to cast that magma cistern? Also you are a grandmaster at DF.

Submitted by: itg - 2013-08-31 to 824 Late Summer

Thanks! It's hard to say how long it took since I put the project on the back burner a few times. Maybe 15 years?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2013-10-13 to 824 Late Summer

Awesome. I can barely imagine what it'd be like as a young dwarf arriving at this massive fortress for the first time, setting eyes down on the great staircase from the bridge above.

Submitted by: bankPanic - 2013-10-13 to 852 Late Summer

Amazing masterpiece!

Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-10-14 to 852 Late Summer


Submitted by: DogsRNice - 2013-12-14 to 852 Late Summer


Submitted by: Sorg - 2014-04-18 to 901 Mid Spring

What about FPS here? :)

Submitted by: itg_ - 2014-04-18 to 901 Mid Spring

It's about 30 with temperature off. I keep my population at about 100 and am constantly dumping surplus items into the abyss.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2014-04-25 to 876 Mid Spring

One of the better fortresses in recent memory! Awesome work - how long IRL have you been churning out this beast?

Submitted by: itg_ - 2014-04-28 to 901 Mid Spring

About a year, on an off. I haven't put nearly as much work into it since the beginning of this year, since I've been waiting for the new release.

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