Frozenperplex - 2105 Late Spring by fidelcowstro

Map Description:

Far from the northern shores of the Icy Continent, hidden away on the volcanic Island of Branding, the dwarves of Zasit Uzar, "The Knife of Grottoes," have established a new fortress. The heat from the Fountains of Luster have kept the calm tundra of the island warm enough to support some life - mostly ravens, porcupines, and elk.

In relative safety and peace, the dwarves of Frozenperplex can freely pursue their architectural theories regarding ice, as well as implement a huge military for a certain future project.

Point of Interest: Experiment #1

This method of casting a giant ice block is based on keeping the water heated during every step of the process where it is above ground. Water is pumped up from the aquifer and on to the previously cast layer of ice, while a layer of magma is held directly above it. The fluids are separated by a basalt block bridge.

Problems have already been encountered. For example, in this biome, it is apparently too cold during autumn, winter, and spring to keep water liquid above ground, even when heated with magma - testing is still underway. Early trials have been... erratic. - fidelcowstro

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