Frozenperplex - 2105 Late Spring by fidelcowstro

Map Description:

Far from the northern shores of the Icy Continent, hidden away on the volcanic Island of Branding, the dwarves of Zasit Uzar, "The Knife of Grottoes," have established a new fortress. The heat from the Fountains of Luster have kept the calm tundra of the island warm enough to support some life - mostly ravens, porcupines, and elk.

In relative safety and peace, the dwarves of Frozenperplex can freely pursue their architectural theories regarding ice, as well as implement a huge military for a certain future project.

Point of Interest: Welcome to Frozenperplex

This fortress is largely preparation for another fortress. In considering the challenge of building a large, natural ice wall fortress, I realized that some experimenting was going to be needed. Naturally, I couldn't hold the experiments in the actual fort that would be creating the megaconstruction - I'd rather decide on the method of construction before embarcation.

Besides, to make things harder for myself, I'm limiting the other fortress to a military-only defense. Raised bridges may or may not be ok when the time comes, I haven't decided that yet. So, there's also a large military training program to improve the general migrant pool that the new fort will have to draw on.

When the time comes (I've got a solution to my construction problem and my military is ridiculously well-equipped and trained), I'll abandon Frozenperplex and start another fort. - fidelcowstro

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