Syrupurns - 107 Mid Winter by fidelcowstro

Point of Interest: Outdoor Statuary/Memorial Hall

Syrupurns has a garbage problem. Goblin and necromantic sieges trash caravans on a regular basis, not to mention what they do to each other. Most of this happens outside the fortress in the surrounding countryside, so if I want the map to have any sort of cleanliness (and I do), I have to send the dwarves out regularly to gather trash and corpses.

I suppose, someday, I could just regularly douse the countryside in magma. Soon.

In any case, light sensitivity is becoming an issue. Thus, a curtain wall has been constructed, blocking line of sight to the rest of the map, so that the dwarves can be regularly exposed to the elements and avoid cave adaptation and all the associated negative thoughts.

The slab memorializes Ber Rungworked the Power of Nails, legendary miner and late captain of the guard. Two of the brass statues are also images of him - one, his removal from the post of sheriff, and the other his ascension to captain of the guard. - fidelcowstro

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Submitted by: Tom - 2013-08-21 to 104 Early Winter

Is that purple ampersand a demon that I spy down there?

Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2013-08-21 to 104 Early Winter

It is indeed. That's Nagnod Mountainpulp the Granite Crystalline Iron, master of the Scoured Spider, the goblin civilization that has been laying siege to Syrupurns.

Submitted by: Tom - 2013-08-22 to 104 Early Winter

Wow. I saw one of those once but couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be. Exciting!

Submitted by: ZombiePoster - 2013-08-22 to 104 Early Winter

Ah, and now I've read how you got him there. Well done!

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-08-24 to 104 Early Winter

Nice. I like the magnetite hall

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