The Cloudy Mountain - 258 Early Spring by Silfurdreki

Map Description:

This is the starting map for my new fortress. After not playing for so long, I'm slightly worried as to how it will go, to be honest.

Shouldn't be too bad, though, this site is so remote that only dwarves come here. So no sieges or kobolds, for better or for worse. I guess the military will have to make do with forgotten beasts and various cave critters.

Point of Interest: Future fortress main site

This map feature was the reason I chose this embark, even though it has no goblins or anything else to spice things up.

Building a fortress in and around this just screams potential. - Silfurdreki

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Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2013-08-29 to 258 Early Spring

No kidding! What a curious bit of geography. I'm interested in seeing what you do with it!

Submitted by: Brewster - 2013-08-29 to 258 Early Spring

Good luck, update often.

Submitted by: Tharis - 2013-08-29 to 258 Early Spring

That is interesting, and hopefully the lack of goblins will give you more freedom to do something completely impractically gorgeous with it.

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