Syrupurns - 104 Early Winter by fidelcowstro

Map Description:

Syrupurns is my current fortress, which I am narrating as I go. At the moment, the narration is in the form of correspondence to the mountainhome, written by Reg Labormurder, the expedition leader and current mayor of Syrupurns.

The thread can be found here.

Point of Interest: Welcome to Syrupurns

On the surface, Syrupurns appears as little more than a pair of holes dug into the sandy hillside, although sharp eyes may detect the line of cage traps that bisect the area. The pools of blood and vomit and the piles of trash that litter the map are much more indicative of the presence a dwarven fortress.

Normally, the only exterior structure is the trade depot, shown here occupied by the caravan from Urist Zalis, the Dagger of Wards. However, in an attempt to free up cages for the many traps, a few dozen have been placed outside, and are in the process of being linked to levers. If a siege or another caravan were to arrive, the levers could be pulled at an opportune moment, releasing the dwarven zombies and essentially dumping the undead problem onto someone else.

Inside the northern entrance is the trapped corridor. It is essentially in place to ensure that I can capture "interesting" enemies that arrive. The southern entrance leads to the finished good and furniture stockpiles, which are - at the moment - literally overflowing. - fidelcowstro

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Submitted by: Tom - 2013-08-21 to 104 Early Winter

Is that purple ampersand a demon that I spy down there?

Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2013-08-21 to 104 Early Winter

It is indeed. That's Nagnod Mountainpulp the Granite Crystalline Iron, master of the Scoured Spider, the goblin civilization that has been laying siege to Syrupurns.

Submitted by: Tom - 2013-08-22 to 104 Early Winter

Wow. I saw one of those once but couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be. Exciting!

Submitted by: ZombiePoster - 2013-08-22 to 104 Early Winter

Ah, and now I've read how you got him there. Well done!

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-08-24 to 104 Early Winter

Nice. I like the magnetite hall

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