Abirdeduk "Romancemanor" - 137 Mid Winter by nigelseaworthy

Map Description:

My first fortress (that survived longer than a few years).

Point of Interest: Trade Goods Staging Area

All the alpaca bone figurines and diorite mugs a civilization could ever need. The separation of an "elf kosher" section has stopped on broker Doren Gearedgales' recommendation, after he astutely noticed that the elves have nothing worth trading anyway. - nigelseaworthy

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-07-19 to 137 Mid Winter


Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2013-08-01 to 137 Mid Winter

This fortress is pretty fucking cool. I love the way you designed (or rather, didn't) most of the floors - it seems very haphazard. The founders hall is pretty badass, and an idea I plan to steal. I look forward to future maps!

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